Sublimation vs Screen Print

I get this question quite often. It is a simply answer: the feel.

You can not feel sublimation when you touch the shirt. We print a transfer with a special ink and printer that we then press on the shirt. The ink adheres to the fibers and basically 'prints' on to the shirt. This best thing about sublimation is you can wash and dry as you please. The downside of sublimation is it must be on at least 50% polyester and a lighter color.

You can feel screen print. There are high and low heat screen prints. The high heat is more of softer feel whereas the low heat tends to be stiffer. The best thing about screen print is that is can be on any color with any material. That is a big deal to a lot of my customers that aren't a fan of lighter shirts. 

Hope this helps you in deciding which design would best suit your needs!